Crispbread is a thin and crunchy piece of bread, typically made with lots of grains and seeds, which contributes to the crispiness and makes this a healthy choice. The dough for crispbread is applied as thin as possible and baked at a high temperature for a short time. The finished crispbread contains very little water which helps to allow the long shelf life. The different seeds and grains provide both flavour, structure, and can be varied almost infinitely. In our recipes, we also work with different spices e.g. salt.

We make two different sizes of crispbread. The classic square, which fits perfectly with different toppings as cold cuts or cheese. These are wrapped in a practical box with transparent foil and a label. The other variant is small bites that can be used for snacks or e.g. tapas. These are packed in a small foil bag which makes them easy to carry on the go.

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