Swiss Rolls

The Swiss roll is a classic cake, which is typically served at afternoon tea or coffee. Originally developed in central Europe in the 19th century along with other similar sugar bread-based cakes. Today the Swiss roll is a well-known cake throughout the world.

The Swiss roll is a soft sponge cake, which is baked and then topped with cream and/or jam before it is rolled. The combination of the soft sponge cake and the selected filling, gives a spongy, juicy and sweet taste. The different flavours each gives different experiences. The Swiss rolls with jam provide a fruity freshness and a different texture than the ones with just vanilla cream. We also have the option to make fully chocolate-coated Swiss rolls, which again gives a different look and taste. For overseas destinations, Swiss rolls can be handles in a frozen setup. This allows us to extend the shelf life and they can be enjoyed all over the world.

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