Danish ‘Koldskål’ with ‘kammerjunkere’ is one of the Danes’ favourite summer dishes, and for many it is an indispensable part of the summer’s sweet delights. This sweet cookie has a delicious crunchy texture, with a fragrance and taste of vanilla.

The vanilla cookies are baked whole, then cut in two and baked again. This production method is very specifik for the classic ‘kammerjunkere’. In addition to the classic cut, we offer a mini variantion, which is baked whole. We have several different recipes including organic variants. Common for them all is that they are all perfect for “koldskål” or even as a snack, and summer would not be the same without.

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Vi bruger cookies for at kunne give dig den bedste oplevelse. Ved at bruge vores side accepterer du brugen af cookies.