Food safety:

At Coronet Cake Company, we have high requirements regarding food safety and we want to meet the quality requirements from our customers. In this process, we are certified according to different food safety standards, including BRC.


Our factory is located in Denmark and we work according to Danish and EU legislation. In addition, we are approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States and we have many years of experience within export to the United States


We work according to the rules set out in the ETI base code and therefore require our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the requirements of the ETI base code. We only use raw materials purchased within the EU, this gives our customers and us a security of the high quality we demand

Product Features:

Palm oil / RSPO:

We attach great importance to sustainability and sustainable products. Therefore, we have chosen to be certified according to the RSPO standard as Segregated. In addition, we also produce several products free from palm oil.


We buy UTZ approved cocoa for the customers who require this.


We only use free-range eggs in the products containing eggs.


We always use vegetable fats and oils in our products, with the exception of the products that contain butter. In addition, we only use vegetable additives, which is why a number of our products are suitable for vegetarians.


We are approved to produce and sell organic products and currently have a selection of organic products. We are planning more products that are organic in the future.

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