Oat Flake Cookies

The oat flake cookie is a sweet, crispy and crunchy cookie primarily consisting of oatmeal and sugar. The oat flake cookie has its origin before the use of wheat flour was made common in baked goods in the 1840s.

The few simple ingrediens gets mixed together and when the cookie is baked, the oat flakes gets a caramelized surface which helps to give just the right taste, the beautiful golden surface and the right bite that characterizes this classic.

We have several different variants in our range, e.g. with or without eggs, double with chocolate or the more exotic version with coconut. You might say that it is the imagination that set the limit for the flavours you can add to this cookie.

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Vi bruger cookies for at kunne give dig den bedste oplevelse. Ved at bruge vores side accepterer du brugen af cookies.