Æbleskiver/Danish Pancake puffs

Danish ‘æbleskiver’ have been a Christmas favourite since the 18th century. The small round and warm cakes with the crispy surface and the spongy centre are an important part of Danish Christmas and any other fun time of the year. They are served warm with jam and sugar and are eaten with your fingers. Our æbleskiver are made from a light pancake dough with a nice fresh taste of lemon and cardamom.

The round shape has been obtained over the years using a special pan, thus the round shape is gained. At Coronet, however, we use a slightly larger pan, which ensures complete regularity in shape and baking.

In our assortment, we have several different recipes, which includes an organic recipe, a recipe with buttermilk and a recipe with vanilla. Our æbleskiver can be purchased both in our Coronet brand or developed in a private label brand.

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